Level 1 Sailing Instructor Course

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Level 1 Sailing Instructor Course

A US SAILING Level 1 Instructor Training course will be held in conjunction
with Community Sailing of Colorado at Cherry Creek Reservoir, May 31 through
June 3, 2012.

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About the Level 1 Sailing
Instructor Course

This is an intensive, four-day, forty-hour course consisting of classroom,
dry-land drills, and on-the water exercises. (This is not a course to
teach sailing; candidates are expected to be proficient  sailors before
the course begins.) The course concentrates on the teaching of sailing in
small single-handed or double-handed boats.

Location: The course will be based at the Cherry Creek Marina & Yacht
Club on the west side of Cherry Creek Reservoir. Enter Cherry Creek State Park from
the West Gate on Dayton Street, south of Union Avenue. Proceed east to the
first left turn, then north to the building with the green roof. The class
will be at the west side of that building. (Classroom instruction may be in
a different building.) 

Dates & Times: Thursday, May 31 through Sunday, June 3, 2012.
0800 hours to 1700 hours.

Be prepared with layers of clothing for variable weather. Wear shirts with collars; tee-shirts are
considered "unprofessional attire" by our Instructor Trainer. 

Tip: Bring your lunch and anything else you will need for the day.
Do not plan on leaving the area until class is dismissed.


Register early. Allow at least 10 days before the course in order
to receive your textbooks and begin studying them. .

Materials, supplies, & equipment:
Instructor candidates will receive textbooks, manuals and other materials in
advance of the course, which they are expected to have reviewed and bring to class. (These materials are
covered within the course fee.) Candidates should bring necessary clothing
and equipment for sailing, including personal flotation devices, lunch,
water, sunscreen, notepaper & pencils. You may need a
wet suit for the swim test, depending on water temperature. Bring a whistle.

Curriculum: Candidates will receive instruction in theory & techniques of learning as applied to
sailing, dry-land drills to teach specific skills & knowledge, and on-the-water drills.
The official US SAILING statement includes these topics:

  • Teaching from and using a Safety Boat.
  • Use of land and on-the-water drills.
  • Sports psychology and physiology
  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom teaching techniques for eye-hand coordination skills
  • Risk management and other legal issues
  • Safety considerations
  • Rainy day activities

Prerequisites: US SAILING lists the following prerequisites for taking the course:

  • Experience and expertise in sailing small boats.
  • Experience in operating a safety boat. This skill will not be taught, but will be tested.

    for an animated review of tested skills.
  • Safe Boating certification. Colorado candidates over age 15 can take the online course & test at
  • Meet the requirements to operate a powerboat where the course is being held,
    either by holding a Colorado Safe Boating Certificate or by reciprocity. (See above.)
  • Current USCG approved CPR and First aid certification (e.g., Red Cross).
  • Successful completion of a swim check. (During course.)
  • Current US SAILING individual or family membership.
  • Completed application form accompanied by appropriate course fee (and any late charges).
  • Completed Medical Form (provided with course materials; bring to course).
  • Minor candidates must bring the completed waiver form to the course (provided with course materials).
  • Completed Safety Boat Skills Self Assessment Form (provided with course materials; bring to course).
  • Ability to exhibit appropriate personal and interpersonal skills.

Tests & Evaluations: There will be written tests and practical evaluations of skills
& knowledge. Candidates will present lesson plans, lead dry-land and
on-the-water drills and be tested on swimming and safety-boat operation.

Certification: Successful
candidates receive US SAILING certification to teach sailing in small boats.


To promote sailing in the Rocky Mountain region, SAIL is offering a scholarship
for the course SAIL will reimburse $300 to  one candidate on successful
completion of the course and certification.

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  The applicant should register for the course and send the
application to SAIL at
2777 Kendall Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80214 by May 7, 2012.