PHRF Application

S.A.I.L. PHRF Rating Application


S.A.I.L. PHRF Rating Application

If you received a PHRF certificate for this yacht last year and have made no changes to your yacht, please type NO after Changes, enter your last name, Email address, Sail Number and Boat Class and click on Submit at the bottom of the form.

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Do you intend to race this yacht under established One Design Class Rules (ODR) rules, that allow equipment/techniques not allowed under PHRF: Yes  No
If yes, please send a copy of yacht’s current national class rules and any non-compliant PHRF equipment/techniques allowed under those rules to the PHRF chairman.
Hull Information: (all measurements in decimal feet or lbs, e.g. enter 9 feet 6 inches as 9.5)
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Max Headsail (% of J): Spinnaker (% of J): Class Main: Yes No
I: J: P:
E: Stock Interior: Yes No
I hereby certify that the information on this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge and my boat is FIT FOR SEA. I release S.A.I.L. PHRF, its representatives and handicappers from any and all claims whatsoever including but not limited to assignment of ratings and changes thereto.
If you have any questions, contact your club handicapper or email Bob Gesumaria at