Governor’s Cup Bid Form

CO Gov. Cup Bid Form

Bid Form to Host Colorado Governor’s Cup

Use this format to submit a bid to host the Colorado Governor’s Cup

_____ Yacht Club
Address & Street
City, State, Zip


Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes
c/o Ross Simpson, Commodore

E-mail address:

City, CO 8____


Dear Commodore,

___ Yacht/Sailing Club bids to host the 200_  Colorado Governor’s Cup at ___ {venue}
from ___ to ___ {dates}.

We have {or will have} regatta liability insurance through _________ {carrier}.

We have read and will comply with the Deed of Gift & SAIL’s requirements for this
event. In particular, the sailing instructions will modify Appendix A2 so
that there will be no discarded scores in scoring for the overall trophies.
The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the  current
Racing Rules of Sailing.

Our contact person for questions relating to our bid is ____ {name},
who may be reached at _____ {address}, telephone: __________,
e-mail: _______.

The anticipated entry fees are: {describe} $ __________.

Our plans for the event are: {describe}



____________ {signature}
________ {title}, _________ Yacht Club

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Revised: 11/14/09