SAIL Bylaws


of the

Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes

Revisions Approved November 5, 2011

ARTICLE 1: Organization

Section 1 NAME:  The name of the organization shall be the Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes, hereinafter referred to as SAIL.


Section 2 OBJECTIVES:  SAIL is organized to encourage and promote the racing of sailboats and unify the rules in connection therewith. Its purpose is to govern the sport of sailing, improve communication within the sailing community of its region, and advance the sport of sailing.

ATICLE II: Membership

Section 1 CATEGORIES:  SAIL shall have three categories of membership: family, organizations and junior. All memberships shall be for one year from January 1st to December 31st.

Section 2 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP:  Each family membership shall include two adults and all dependent children under the age of 25. Each individual will be considered a member of SAIL but there shall be only one vote for the membership. Each family membership shall have the right to vote for SAIL officers and for the removal of same, and on any other matters the Officers may designate for their approval.

                        Section 3 ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP:  Organizational memberships are sailing clubs or organizations and corporations for profit or not for profit. Each sailing club, organization or corporation shall be allowed one representative who shall have the right to vote for SAIL officers and for the removal of same, and on any other matters the Officers may designate for their approval.

                        Section 4 JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP:  Persons under eighteen years of age on any day of the year of membership shall be entitled to junior membership for that year. Junior members shall pay no dues and may not vote, but are entitled to all other privileges of membership.


                        Section 5 DUES:  Dues for family and organization memberships are payable on January 1st and are delinquent on March 31st.  Dues paid prior to October 31st shall be applied to the current year. All dues paid after that date shall be applied to the new year. No refund of dues shall be made to any member leaving SAIL for any reason. Dues to SAIL for any family or organization can be waived by a majority vote of the Officers.

ARTICLE III: Officers and Committee Chairs

                       Section 1 OFFICERS:  The Officers of SAIL shall be Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Area F Representative, Director of Handicapping, and Rear Commodore. The Officers of SAIL shall exercise and perform the respective powers, duties and functions as stated below and as may be assigned by the Commodore or membership. One person may hold any two offices except those of Commodore and Treasurer.

Section 2 OFFICER RESPONSIBILITIES:  It shall be the responsibility of each and every officer named in Section 1 to attend and participate in official SAIL meetings. Their individual responsibilities include:

  • Commodore: The Commodore shall exercise general supervision, direction and control of the affairs of SAIL and its officers. The Commodore shall call and hold meetings of the membership as prescribed in the By-laws. The Commodore shall be a member of all committees. The Commodore shall be a signatory and listed on all financial accounts.
  • Vice Commodore:  The Vice Commodore shall assume the duties of the Commodore in the Commodore’s absence. The Vice Commodore shall assist the Race Committee Chair to organize Judges for clubs requesting assistance. The Vice Commodore shall be responsible for all appeal hearing arrangements.
  • Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping a record of the proceedings at each meeting. Additional duties include correspondence with US SAILING and the general membership of the club, the BYLAWS OF THE SAILING ASSOCIATION OF INTERMOUNTAIN LAKES, newsletter and directory. The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of a current membership list.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the supervision of all financial affairs of SAIL. The Treasurer shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a complete and correct account of all SAIL financial transactions. The Treasurer is responsible for writing checks and paying all budgeted or approved bills. The Treasurer shall report to the membership at each meeting.
  • Area F Representative: The Area F Representative shall represent, in concert with the Commodore, SAIL and SAIL’s interest at all Area F and US SAILING “Council of Sailing Associations” meetings. The Area F Representative shall be the spokesman for business between SAIL and Area F. The Area F representative shall report to the membership at each meeting.
  • Director of Handicapping:  The Handicap Chair shall be responsible for directing, maintaining, and publishing, all matters relating to PHRF, Portsmouth, and other handicapping methodologies used within SAIL.  In addition he shall chair the Handicapping Committee and will coordinate the related activities at the various SAIL member clubs. When required, he will work with US Sailing on issues related to this area.


  • Rear Commodore: The Rear Commodore shall act as an advisor to the new Commodore and help with the transition from the prior year. The Rear Commodore shall be responsible for promoting membership in SAIL and US SAILING
  • HANDICAP: The Handicap Committee shall be responsible for keeping and publishing all regional handicap ratings.
  • RACE: The Race Committee shall help all member organizations fulfill their requests for qualified Race Officers to run regattas. Race Committee is responsible for setting and publishing the year’s open regatta schedule and the recording of regional regatta scores. The Race Committee shall report to the membership at each meeting.
  • TRAINING: The Training Committee is responsible for conducting classes to educate and certify interested individuals in US SAILING race management positions. The Training Committee will organize such classes as demand requires. The Vice Commodore shall chair the Training Committee.
  • JUNIOR SAILING: The Junior Sailing Committee is responsible for the promotion of Sailing among the region’s youth and the programs set forth by the Commodore or Chair and approved by the Officers. The Committee shall report to the membership at each meeting.
  • MEMBERSHIP: The Membership Committee shall be responsible for promoting membership in SAIL and in assisting in the various membership related needs of the Officers.
  • APPEALS:  The Appeals Committee shall be responsible for hearing or arranging and coordinating hearings of all appeals of protests received by SAIL and returning decisions in a timely manner. The Committee shall report appeals received and dispositions to SAIL, as well as handling any reports and documentation required by US SAILING.  A sailing judge within the SAIL region and credentialed by US SAILING is preferred to chair the Appeals Committee.

                        Section 3 COMMITTEES:  Committees shall be established by the Officers to conduct functions within SAIL. Committees that shall remain as standing committees of SAIL are Appeals, Handicap, Race, Training, Junior Sailing, and Membership. Committee Chairs shall be appointed from membership by the Officers. The Committee Chair shall appoint committee members.

                        Section 4 COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES:


ARTICLE IV: Elections and Vacancies

Section 1 OFFICER ELECTIONS AND TERMS:  Officers of SAIL, as stated in ARTICLE III, Section 1, with the exception of the Rear Commodore, shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a majority of those members present. All Officers shall serve a one year term and/or until their successors are elected and installed.  All officers must be a member of SAIL in good standing in the year that they are elected as well as all subsequent years in which they serve.

Section 2 OFFICER NOMINATIONS:  A nominating committee consisting of the Commodore and at least one other SAIL member shall select and place before the membership a slate of qualified candidates each year. Additional nominations shall be requested from the membership before any vote is called. Nominees must qualify by being a current member of SAIL in good standing as well as accepting the nomination before being added to a slate of candidates.


                        Section 3 VACANCIES:  Officers who are unable or fail to carry out their required duties or whose actions harm or bring discredit to SAIL or the sport of sailing may, at any meeting as described in Article V, be removed from office for just cause by a majority vote of officers or members present. Any officer may resign his or her office at any time for any reason. The office shall become vacant upon the officer’s resignation, removal, or death.


In the event the office of Commodore becomes vacant, the Vice Commodore shall become Commodore. And the membership will elect a new Vice Commodore. In the event another officer resigns or becomes unable to serve the active members shall elect a successor (except for the Rear Commodore as above). This Officer shall serve out the incomplete term of their predecessor.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

                        Section 1 ANNUAL MEETING:  An annual meeting of SAIL members shall be held at a location designated by the Officers on the 1st Saturday of November each year or such other day as shall be determined by the Officers. Notice of this meeting location and time shall be announced to all members no fewer than fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting. The Annual Meeting shall be for the purpose of electing officers and transacting such business as may come before the membership.

                        Section 2 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  The Officers shall hold regular meetings as a Board of Directors to conduct the day-to-day business of SAIL. . The time, place and frequency of such meetings shall be at the discretion of the Officers. Notice of the next Board meeting shall be determined before the closing of any meeting. Written notice shall only be necessary when a change in location, date or time is required. Notice shall be made in writing to all Officers no fewer than five (5) days prior to the old or new meeting date, whichever is earlier.

Section 3 SPECIAL MEETING:  Special Meetings of membership may be called at any time by any Officer or by petition from ten (10) or more members presented to the Commodore. Notice must be given to all members of such a meeting. Written notice shall be made no fewer than seven days prior to meeting.

                        Special meetings of the Officers may be held at any time all the officers are present. When issues which are time critical require a decision before the next board meeting may be scheduled, the board may be polled and vote electronically. Such an electronic vote shall be considered the same as a vote at a normally scheduled board meeting provided that an significant attempt is made to notify all Officers and that at least one half (50%) shall vote within 48 hours. Unless otherwise stated in these by-laws, the purpose of any special meeting need not be specified in the notice.

Section 4 QUORUM:  Attendance by 50% of the officers shall constitute a quorum at all meetings set for the day-to-day business of SAIL.


Section 5 VOTING:  All motions made before the membership, except when otherwise specified in these By-laws, shall be approved by a simple majority vote.

ARTICLE VI: Finances

                        Section 1 GENERAL FUND:  All funds for SAIL shall be accounted for through the use of standard banking procedures or other depositories as may be determined by resolution of the Officers. The Treasurer shall maintain these accounts. The Officers shall have the authority to expend moneys from the general fund within the limits of a budget. Non-budgeted expenses must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote at any meeting.

                        Section 2 BUDGET:  An annual budget shall be prepared and presented to the Officers and the Membership at a meeting so designated by the Commodore for such a purpose. The budget requires a two-thirds majority of those present for approval.

                        Section 3 DEBT:  All financial business of SAIL shall be conducted with cash on hand. No officer, member or other person may in the name of the organization incur a debt by accepting a loan or other means.

ARTICLE VII: Ratification and Amendments to These By-laws

                        Section 1 RATIFICATIONThe By-laws shall be ratified by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the membership attending a meeting designated by the Commodore for such a purpose. The Officers shall sign an official copy.

                        Section 2 AMENDMENTS:  These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Officers following presentation for consideration at least four weeks prior to the vote AND a subsequent majority vote of the membership at an annual general meeting or special meeting. The membership shall be notified of proposed By-Laws amendments at least 30 days prior to such vote. Amendments to the By-laws shall be signed by the Officers and attached to the official copy.

                        Section 3 OFFICIAL COPY:  The Secretary shall maintain the official copy of the By-laws. A copy of the By-laws shall be published in the Yearbook/Directory and/or on the SAIL website.


By-Laws as approved at the annual Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes Member’s Meeting in Denver, Colorado on November 5, 2011.





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