SAIL Tour NOR and SI’s




SAIL’s Regional Championships Series (Tours)


SAIL organizes three (3) championship series each year for  regional tours of open regattas held throughout the region. The three series are:

  • Dinghy/Centerboard Tour
  • Junior Tour
  • Keelboat Tour

Purpose: The purpose of the SAIL Tours is to promote competition at all of the sailing venues in the SAIL Region and to encourage traveling to lakes other than sailors’ “home lakes”.

Video Preview: For a taste of the excitement in the tours, visit
. This short video is by the award-winning Colorado Coconuts team.

Notice of Series and Sailing Instructions: The information below constitutes both a notice of series and sailing instructions for the championships series named above. It may be subject to change at meeting held until April 1; please check back after April 15 for an updated version.

Notice of Series & Sailing Instructions


The Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes will organize and sponsor season-long competitions of open regattas. The Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes (SAIL) is the organizing authority for the Tours. The series consist of designated regattas, held by member clubs of SAIL in each season. The dates & venues for the designated events are listed in the  SAIL Calendar.

Rules: The rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing shall apply. The notices of race & sailing instructions for each event will be unique and shall apply to that event.  “Tour Rules” below shall also apply.

Eligibility:  All members of SAIL in good standing are eligible. Skippers must be members of SAIL Only those under 19 years of age on January 1 of the year are eligible for the junior tour. Centerboard boats are eligible for the dinghy tour. Keelboats are eligible for the keelboat tour. SAIL PHRF members are eligible for the PHRF tour.

Entry: No separate entry form, registration or fee is required to enter any of the Championship Series. SAIL enters each member upon his or her participation in one or more of the designated events. Teams that race with different skippers or boats during the tour shall inform the SAIL Race Director, prior to October 1, of the series year, of their circumstances and team name to be scored as a team.

Event Selection: The SAIL Board of Directors will designate events to be included in the Championships Series before April 15 of each year.
Organizing authorities may apply to SAIL  for inclusion of specific events in one or more series.  Criteria for designating an event to be in the Championship series include:

    1. The event shall be open to entry by all members of SAIL or yacht & sailing clubs which are members of SAIL. Entries may not be restricted to members of specific clubs or fleets.
    2. The event shall be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing.
    3. The organizing authority shall have regatta liability insurance in force & shall be a current, paid member of SAIL.
    4. The organizing authority shall demonstrate good race management practice.
    5. The organizing authority shall provide full results to the SAIL Race Director, within one week following the event. Results not provided to the series administrator shall not be included in scoring of the Tours.
    6. SAIL will attempt to include events in various parts of the region and separated in time from each other by at least two weeks.
    7. Events in the Junior Series shall be specifically for, or have separate classes for, juniors as defined in “Eligibility”. Subject to prior approval by the SAIL Race Director, events in which juniors compete against adults or in mixed junior/adult teams may be included in the Junior Tour. Races in which juniors race against adults or in mixed
      junior/adult teams shall not be included in Junior Tour scoring.


Schedule: The tours consist of the events listed in the SAIL Calendar. Check periodically for changes which might occur.

Qualification: To qualify for prizes, a yacht must be owned or skippered by a current member of SAIL and  compete in a minimum number of events. If no yacht qualifies, no prize will be awarded.
The required minimum number of events are:

  • Dinghy Tour — 3 events
  • Keelboat & PHRF Tours — 4 events
  • Junior Tour — 2 events

Scoring: The series will be scored by the  Rinderle B Scoring system . {Subject to change} For details, see “Tour Rules”.

Prizes:: Prizes will be awarded for first place in each tour. The winning skippers’ names will be engraved on the perpetual trophies and published on this web site. The awards will be announced and presented at the SAIL Annual Meeting.

Disclaimer of Liability: Competitors participate in the tours and events within them entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage, injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to or after the tour.

More Information: For further information, please contact Tom Downing, SAIL Tour Chair.

SAIL’s Regional Championships
Dinghy Tour, Keelboat Tour, PHRF Tour, Junior Tour

Tour Rules

  1. The regattas comprising each tour shall be determined and published before the tours begin. The inclusion of regattas may be changed during the season provided that changes are published at least one week prior to the regatta(s) affected by the changes. Check before committing.
    • Except that: In the event that a designated series event is not conducted, the Tour Chair (series administrator) may designate replacement events to be scored. Designation of replacement events shall not be subject to redress; this changes rule 60.1(b).
  2. Members of SAIL are eligible to compete for the tour awards and are considered entered upon joining or renewing membership. Teams that race with different skippers/boats must inform the tour administrator, prior to October 1 of each Tour year, of their circumstances and team name to be scored as a team. All skippers must be members of SAIL Boats racing in PHRF fleets must have valid SAIL PHRF certificates.
  3. Each tour will be scored using the Rinderle B or CHIPS scoring system. (See page 4 of
  4. Points will be determined by final places & number of competitors in each fleet, as scored by the event race committees, except that point ties will be scored as ties in the tour scoring and will not be broken.
  5. “Starters” referred to in the  scoring system shall be the number of distinct boats that competed in any race of the regatta.
  6. Discarded scores: (This modifies Appendix A.)
    The number of discarded or throw-out scores shall be based on the number of events completed with scores provided to the Tour Chair::

    • If 10 events, the 3 worst scores shall be discarded;
    • If 7 events, the 2 worst scores shall be discarded;
    • If 4 events, the 1 worst score shall be discarded;
    • If less than 4 events, no scores shall be discarded.

    Except that

    • The number of events scored shall not be less than the minimum to qualify.
    • Only the one best finish per lake will be scored.
  7. Competitors who forgo racing a tour event to serve as on-the-water race committee for that event or to compete in regional or above class championships or US SAILING ladder events, will be scored their average points-earned and points-possible for their best N-2 finishes, where N is the number of finishes scored for that tour. Fractions will be rounded up. This condition may only be used once per tour. It is the responsibility of competitors to request race committee scoring from  the tour administrator prior to October 1 of the year of the series.
  8. Ties in the final series standings will be broken (This modifies Appendix A.) in favor of:
    • a) Skipper/team with greater number of Tour regattas sailed, including “throw-outs”,
    • b) If the tied skippers/teams have raced head-to-head (i.e. in the same division/fleet of the same regatta), then the skipper/team scoring better than the other the greater number of times.
    • c)   Skipper/team with the greater point total, excluding “throw-outs”,
    • d) If tie remains, equal standing will be accorded.