What is SAIL?

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SAIL is the regional sailing association for Colorado, New Mexico, western Nebraska and Wyoming . SAIL is one of three regional sailing associations making up Area F of US Sailing, along with

Central States Sailing Association (CSSA) and
Texas Sailing Association (TSA)

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SAIL was formed in 1972 to provide a communication route with Colorado State Parks for facilitating sailing clubs to organize sailing and sail racing events within the state and joined the national organization which became US SAILING in the mid-1970s. Its role has broadened to include coordinating sailing event schedules & education & training. It promotes & provides programs to promote & improve sailing in the greater Rocky Mountain region.

Strictly a volunteer operation, SAIL is a 503c Colorado “Not for Profit” organization. Officers and volunteers receive no compensation other than good will and the satisfaction of helping the sport.. Its operations are supported primarily by members’ dues. Operations are supported primarily by members’ annual dues, though fees to defray expenses are charged for some activities. Overhead is kept low by foregoing office rent and equipment expense.

SAIL provides representation within US SAILING (the National Governing Body for the sport of Sailing) to sailors, clubs & fleets in the Rocky Mountain region .

SAIL works, through its many programs, to promote and improve the sport of sailing in the Rocky Mountain region.

We coordinate the calendar of open regattas helps avoid date conflicts and encourage participation.
A newsletter, “The Intermountain Sailor”, communicates news to sailors.
Our PHRF Fleet enables fair handicap racing for keelboats.
Our series of four monthly seminars in the winter and spring help sailors improve their knowledge & skills and stay abreast of developments.
Our annual race management seminars upgrade the quality of racing.
This website provides sailing news in the region and much other information about the sport. The “Race Management” section has many tools and guidance for race committees.
We also facilitate training for certification of race officers and judges.
We coordinate & promote tours of open regattas for season championships for dinghies, keelboats & juniors.
We coordinate and promote a circuit of junior regattas to help grow the sport of sailing.
We developed and now offer a free Sailing Safety program to member clubs.
We coordinate a sailing instructor training and certification course under the auspices of US SAILING.